Citylife Mall, Jurf

City Life Mall located in 1,2, 3 Ajman, is a community mall that primarily caters to the residents of that area. This ground structure mall is equipped with a supermarket at the center and surrounded with several retails shops that further opens out to outdoor cafes, with exterior seating facilities along the edge. The primary entrance portal is a glass cube enclosed within rectilinear frames, which leads to a linear, main circulation spine that connects the supermarket to the shops along the periphery. The overall fa├žade is divided hierarchically into volumes that visually defines the functions. Ground parking spaces are given in the front and back of the mall which is the connected through a service road via the main road.


  • Client name: R. select
  • Total built-up area: 55,866 sq. ft.
  • Year of completion: 2013
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